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About Ziraat

Ziraat Bank Today

More than a bank

Today, as in the past; at Ziraat Bank we are continuing to shape the Turkish banking sector.

We always seek for excellence in serving our customers with our wide domestic and international service network .

General Manager's Message

Esteemed shareholders,

As one of the most important corporations in the country and in the banking sector, Ziraat Bank aims to increase the value-added to the country and sustain efficient and profitable growth on the back of the assets-liability management strategies which have been applied since 2011 and the “value-adding transformation” project, aimed building a customer oriented infrastructure, thus enabling greater competitiveness in this area.

In this framework, Ziraat Bank completed its organizational, operational, human resources and loan policy infrastructure quickly and completely through by internal resources. Aiming to attain a customer oriented balance sheet in 2013, thanks to loan weighted growth model assets increased by 27%. With a strategy concentrated on supporting the real sector, cash loans surged by 55% while non-cash loans increased by almost 100%. While supporting and helping the development of the agricultural sector, which is our main mission, we have also sought to increase our focus on industrial agriculture. In 2013, our profit increased by 26% to reach TL 3.3 billion. We deem our stable growth - backed by profitability and efficiency- and our strategy of maintaining a sound balance sheet structure as factors which help us reflect our profitability into equity

Deposits represent our main source of financing. In order to support the savings balance of the country, we strive to introduce various deposit products for the use of the customers. In seeking longer term financing and low-cost opportunities, however, we also work on expanding non-depository financing resources. Significant increases in the volume of resources obtained from international corporations and banks, in FX repo transactions, in syndication loans and, on the domestic front, bank-bonds and bills have been seen as part of the diversification in our resource structuring strategies.

Our branches were renovated with a customer focused approach during 2013. A total of 150 new branches were opened, bringing our overall branch network to 1,661 including international branches. We aim to increase the number of locations where we are the sole provider of financial services. Our established operation centers, that will support efforts to gain operational efficiency, undertook 104 million transactions. We also work on developing our alternative distribution channels.

We have successfully come a long way in our domestic restructuring strategy and celebrate our 150th anniversary with pride. In 2014 we will also continue to work on;

  • Restructuring Ziraat Bank’s widespread international organization, with the aim of being a regional and global bank along with being the pioneering Bank of Turkey,
  •  Sustaining the customer focused perspective in the foreign arena as much as we provide our services to our customers at home and every point of the country,
  • Implementing our corporate principles built under the framework of economic, social and environmental evolution and values in order to contribute to shaping a sustainable future and
  • To be the best, without being under any delusions of grandeur.

Yours sincerely,

Hüseyin Aydın
Member of the Board of Directors and General Manager